Bring your parents to school day, really.

Day #3

Today is the day that I go back to work.  Or should I say,  I am taking my parents to work.  Actually,  my parents are driving me to work (eye roll).  First off, I need to state that I would probably never  bring them to my place of employment, however I can’t drive with a walking boot and there is no way that I am staying home today.

I am not sure how I feel about bringing my parents to the Weymouth Club.  Part of me wants them to see how amazing the club is and the other part of me wants them to just wait for me in the car, afraid they might embarrass me in front of  coworkers, friends, and clients.  Plus, I have no idea how I am going to feel being in the club not able to lift a weight, run on an elliptical,  or  even go swimming. So, on the ride to the club,  I prepare my parents on how to behave.  I start with the typical…don’t talk to anyone, don’t touch anything and don’t ask questions is reviewed.  Finally, we arrive at the club, I crutch over to my office as fast as possible.  I stuff my parents in my office and tell them to just sit tight while I get my work done (the actually listened and just sat there watching me).  I crutch  over to my mailbox, collect my mail and head back to my office.  After about 5 minutes of sending emails, billing, etc., my mother in her not so polite way asks, “aren’t you going to give us a tour.”  My mind quickly says “absolutely not,” and somehow I mumble…”Oh yeah…come on.”

As we head out of my office, I figured I would take them quickly thru the tennis courts, breeze  by the pools and then we can scoot right on over to Dr. Chase’s office so that the “fanny pack”, I mean nerve block can be removed from my leg.  Well, while showing the club to my parents, we end up bumping into most of my co-workers and then some:).  Really, why isn’t the club empty right now, don’t people have somewhere to be???  Actually, it was really nice to see everybody.  My parents got to meet Melanie from Bay State, Deb from aquatics, Kim, Amy and Cheryl from Fitness and Cheryl from the cafe.  I am

One hour later, nerve block off, 1st shower in 3 days and now I am all business.  I shoo my parents upstairs to the club’s cafe, clip on my little name tag and its nutrition time.   I have two clients to for the next hour and apparently after 3 days of waiting on me hand and foot, I need Mom and Dad to go away.

At the end of my client sessions…my parents are waiting in the lobby for me.  I can sense a lecture coming on.  I can already tell they don’t approve of something…could it be the  club, did somebody say something to them about me?? They finally walk into my office and sit down, I brace myself.  My Dad goes first…”This place is awesome, Kimbo.”  Mom next: “The people are so nice here, it is so clean too.”  Me:  “Yep, so, you guys had fun hanging out here.” Dad:  Oh, yeah…we even met Steve, the owner- he is really nice guy.”  Me:  “Yeah, he has been really good to me, matter of fact, he was just in here…he seemed excited to see me.  Dad:  “Well, he has big plans for the club and he was on his way to a meeting.”  Me:  “Ohhhh.”    Me: “So, you didn’t talk to anybody else, right?”  Mom:  “Oh, we talked to a lot people, they are so friendly here, there seems so much to do.”   “Me:  “Good, cause next time you come back your getting on the treadmill.”

At the end of the day, Mom and Dad headed back to Agawam.  The 3 day vacation of waiting on me has ended.  My parents are tired and want to be in their own house  but   I can tell…they already miss me;)






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